Ottawa New Home Construction

I work closely with Ottawa’s Top Builders. They enlist my services to help sell their homes. My service is absolutely free to you.  In fact, I am offering a $500 gift certificate to any Home Improvement Store for those individuals who choose to purchase their new home through me.  In addition I offer discounts at some furniture stores.  What is the catch, you ask? The builders who cooperate with me ask that I introduce you to their site by registering you with them at your first visit to the building site and prior to registering with them on their website.

The Benefits:

  1. You pay the same price for the house as if you bought it through the builder.
  2. You recieve a $500 gift certificate and discounts at some furniture stores..
  3. I work with many builders so you will receive straightforward knowledgeable advice.
  4. I can assist with site selection, assist in upgrades and how them impact resale values.
  5. And once you choose a builder you will still be provided with all of the support and services of that builder and their sales team.

If you would like some information on new homes or to learn more about my $500 gift certificate offer, please fill out this form or contact me directly.